4.3" Duplex MMDVM Hotspot UHF VHF, Raspberry Pi + 3000mAh Battey For C4FM/DMR/D-STAR/P25/NXDN


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*pleas note: we do not offer any support with setup, troubleshooting, upgrades on any of our hotspots. For instructions how to setup and troubleshoot your pistar based hotspot please refer to pistar website www.pistar.uk thank you.


Battery Operated MMDVM Multimode Digital Voice Modem pi-star For C4FM/DMR/D-STAR/P25/NXDN

It has 6+ hours run time on a full charge with the screen on with an average talk time. 

IPS 4.3" HD Colour screen loaded with the best nextion dashboard software, which displays all important data right on your screen. 


Duplex MMDVM Hotspot Support C4FM/DMR/DSTAR P25 With Raspberry Pi 2B+

4.3inch Color Display

wifi USB dongle provided

Aluminum Shell

3000mah  rechargable Battery


It is a MMDVM hotspot digital networking box. Display firmware has been updated. Imported temperature-compensated crystal oscillators in DMR format with zero frequency offset and duplex dual time slots are used. It supports C4FM, DMR, DSTAR P25 and other digital formats. It solves inconsistency in digital intercom mechanism, enabling multi-digital system intercommunication. Using mobile phone hotspot network or WiFi network to connect to the Internet, it meets your dream of connecting with HAMs around the world.

Package Included:
1 x Set of MMDVM Hotspot

WiFi Settings when MMDVM is Started for the First Time:

I. Connect to Automatic AP Hotspot:
1. The hotspot is powered on.
2. Wait for Pi-Star to start. It usually takes about a minute (it will take longer if you use Pi0W). If your hotspot has a screen display, you can watch Pi-Star start up until the login prompt appears.
3. Wait 2 minutes for the Auto AP function to activate.
4. Check the hotspot named "Pi-Star-Setup" on your computer or mobile phone, and connect. WiFi hotspot: Pi-Star-Setup; password: 12345678

II. Log in to the Pi-Star Page:
1. After the connection is successful, users for Windows visit: http://pi-star. Users for macOS, iOS or other (tablet for Windows 10) visit: http://pi‐star.local. Mobile device access:
2. The first time you start Pi-Star, you will see a page that displays "No Mode Defined...". Click Configuration, or wait 10 seconds to be redirected to the configuration page

1 Year  warranty, customer pays the shipping cost.

1 Year  warranty, customer pays the shipping cost.