DX Watt Meter, DC Inline Power Analyzer, 60A Continuous (150A PEP) , 12 Gauge,


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DX Watt Meter, DC Inline Power Analyzer, 60A Continuous 150A PEP, 12 Gauge Cables 

Measuring capacity up to 60V and 150A. 8 gauge wires. Bright blue backlit LCD display. Measures 8 electrical parameters: Amps, Volts, Watts, Amp-hours, Watt-hours, Peak Amps, Minimum Volts (Sag), Peak Watts.

Perfect for testing performance of your hamshack power-supply or your mobile radio station. You can monitor the voltage, amps draw, watts power draw. This device will also show you peak performance of amps an hour and amount of wattage per hour used. 


Operates voltage: 4.8V-60V
OV with optional auxiliary battery
Dimension (L*W*T): 8.3 x 4.2 x2.4cm/3.27"x1.65"x0.94"(approx)
0-150A, resolution 0.01A;
0-60V, resolution 0.01v;
0-6554W, resolution 0.1w;
0-65Ah,resolution 0.001An;
0-6441Wh,resolution 0.1Wh;
backlit LCD display


30 Days full replacement, 1 Year manufacture warranty, customer pays the shipping cost.