M17 Analog Gateway ESP32 HAM Digital Voice Radio (M17 Digital Voice) Analog Hotspot Gateway


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M17 Analog Gateway ESP32 HAM Digital Voice Radio (M17 Digital Voice) Analog Hotspot Gateway

A fully assembled ESP32 M17 Hotspot

*PLEASE NOTE: Make sure you understand what you purchasing and how to setup M17 node, we do not provide any classes or teach you how to setup any Digital Hotspots. Please refer to YOUTUBE videos for more details and instructions on how to use this type of modems.


M17 gateway is esp32 HAM digital voice radio (M17 Digital Voice) analog gateway over the internet


Supported hardware: esp32
using ESP-Arduino development on Visual studio code IDE

Support M17 mref reflector

Support noise cancel

Support AGC

Using USB serial for host connection and power supply

Support Wi-Fi connection (UDP) to Reflector

Support Web Service config and control system

Default M17 server is M17-THA you can change yourself

Change name and ip example M17-USA

In same server and Module can talk each other
default wifi mode is STA mode

It auto connect router name "APRSTH" pass "aprsthnetwork"(change your router ssid name and pass to APRSTH first)

Login in router use the ip of this device M17
then in setting input your router's new ssid and pass then save

M17GW can't not work in AP mode it is not stable.

If M17GW have some probleM just input USB power then LED flash press Def button LED flash again it turn factory default mode

In Service DTMF mode enable is useful to sent ip in English Voice to 438.500 radio,then you can connect use the ip you hear

The software is opensource github M17AnalogGateway

*White Circle Mark is 433 Antenna ,no mark is for 2.4g wifi

1 Year  warranty, customer pays the shipping cost.