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Outdoor Dipole PDSA-8 Multi Band (mini-buddipole) 100w Portable Antenna

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HF Portable Dipole PDSA-8, 7-50MHz 100W w/ Slide Regulators for quick tuning.

Great outdoor HF antenna, quality materials used Stainless Steel, Bronze and FiberGlass powerflex mast sections. Coils are high-Q with sliders for manual tuning for each band. Antenna comes with very nice bag for portable transport, 8 bands 40, 30, 20, 17, 15, 12, 10,6 and 2 meters!

1. Small size, light weight and convenient to handle.
2. Easy and quick to set up, suitable for field ortravel use.
3. Handle convenient for operating at different waveband
4. Coil frameworks made with nylon by open mold, not lathe production manually. Coil winding with 1.0 mm tin plated copper wire.
5. Aluminum tube sand blasting and oxidation.
6. Stainless steel screws
7. Stainless steel whip antenna, length up to 2.5m.
8. Can be constructed in different shape.


1.Max Power: 100W
2. Impedance: 50 Ohm
3. Band: 40m/30m/20m/17m/15m/12m/10m/6m/2m
4. Whip antenna contraction length: 34.5cm
5. Unfold/Erection length: 6.7m
6. Weight: 1.8Kg
7. Bag dimension: 37*23cm

Package Included:

Connection base ×1 (Material: Nylon)
Multiband loading coil ×2 (40m-10m, material: Nylon)
Aluminum oxide tube ×4 (19 X 280mm)
Extractable antenna (on the top) ×2 (Each fully extracted 2.5m)
Plastic head screw ×2
Aluminum connector ×2 (used for setting in V-shape) Balun ×1
Aluminum converter ×1 used for connecting tripod
Screw clip (with knurled nut) ×2
Fabric bag ×1
***Please Note.
1.Coaxial cable is not included.
2. Brace rod (or tripod) is not included
1 Year manufacture warranty, customer pays the shipping cost.