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PLAN B stock from our inventory. Great opportunity to purchase equipment at discount price for any demo, slightly used, brand new open box or warranty repaired equipment.  Users with technical knowledge and DIY guys who like to dig-in and repair equipment on their own or you can purchase defective equipment which could be used for spare parts. 

All equipment sold under USED category will be sort out  and easily recognized by "word" code as follows.


DEMO - brand new equipment opened box, used for software testing, DEMO equipment will be fully tested on our bench making sure it is working properly and it is fully operational.

REFURB - brand new equipment which was send back and repaired by the manufacture, REFURB equipment will be tested on our bench to make sure it is working properly and the hardware is fully operational.

USED - equipment which has minor cosmetic defects or was previously returned, used by a customer. USED equipment will be fully tested to make sure it is working properly and all minor cosmetic defects will be described in the product description, so please read carefully. 

DEFECT - new equipment which is not functioning properly but it could be repaired. DEFECT equipment which does power-on but it is not functioning as it should, we will describe all the issues with the unit so you can make the decision if you can possibly fix it. So please read the description very carefully. 

DEAD -  returned equipment which is not operational at all but it could be repaired or used for parts only. DEAD equipment unfortunately won't be tested and we won't be able to describe much what is wrong with it. This type of equipment I would suggest you purchase if you have advanced electronics skills to make necessary repairs or if you planning to use it for spare parts.


***PLEASE NOTE: all equipment in this section which is marked with DEMO, REFURB, USED, DEFECT or DEAD will be sold AS-IS, no warranty will be provided on this type of equipment and you are making necessary repairs of this product at your own risk.