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Xiegu G90 HF Radio 20W SSB/CW/AM/FM SDR Structure with Built-in Auto Antenna Tuner

The G90 is an advanced portable 20W HF 10-160 Meter Multimode SDR Transceiver. The G90 uses 24 bit digital architecture. It also includes an internal automatic antenna tuner. The G90 has excellent transmit and receive performance. It packs huge performance into a small portable package. The G90 has a removable display head that can be separated from the main body and connected via a DB-9 cable (provided with the radio). Both the radio's control head firmware and main body operating firmware can be user-updated using separate connectors on the head and body. The programming cable is provided.

G90 Main Features:

  • Detachable Display Unit: The detachable display design allows you to customize your installation.
  • Color LCD Display Shows: ±24khz bandwidth spectrum and waterfall. The sweep/refresh rate is very fast. The status of all functions are shown on the LCD display.
  • Convenient Side Interface: The G90 uses a standard 3.5mm stereo jack (3-pin) for connecting headphones. Also on the control head is a Firmware update port.
  • Multi-Function Mic: The microphone has two configurable and several dedicated function buttons.


  • Modes: SSB / CW / AM / FM *
  • RF Output Power: 20W (SSB/CW/FM), 5W (AM Carrier), 13.8VDC, stepping 0.5W
  • Receive frequency range: 0.5 MHz-30 MHz
  • Operating voltage range: 10.5-16.5 V DC (voltage must be in 13.8-15V if need 20W)
  • Talking range: Max 4000km+, min 500-600km (affected by topography)
  • Transmission frequency: All amateur bands in the range of 1.8 to 29.999 MHz plus 60 meters in USA
  • Receive current draw: 500mA
  • Transmit current draw: 8A max.
  • Operating temperature range: -10 C ~ +50 C 
  • Frequency stability: ± 10 ppm after warm-up
  • Size of the machine: 4.75" x 1.75" x 8.25" (main body without handles)
  • Machine weight: Around 1 kg
  • Antenna Socket: SO-239, Impedance 50 Ω 


Package Content:

  • 1 x Xiegu G90 Transceiver
  • 1 x Multi-function Microphone
  • 1 x Firmware Cable
  • 1 x Power Cable
  • 1 x DB-9 Remote head cable
  • 1 x Operation Manual
  • 1 x Warranty Card
  • 1 x Certificate
  • 2 x Fixed Stud
  • 1 x Hexagon Screwdriver
  • 4 x Front and rear extension handles




30 Days full replacement, 1 Year manufacture warranty, customer pays the shipping cost.

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  • 5
    G90 HF radio.

    Posted by Brian Lynch on 2023 Dec 1st

    I am new To HF It probably won’t be until the spring when I set up an antenna. If life in a flat but have a ham stick 20 meter antenna given to me my a member of my club in St. Marys. On the surface and judging by other reviews I get the impression that this a good radio. I was more than satisfied with DX Canada. That radio is perfect for me and even if I am limited somewhat living in a flat. You can do a lot with 20 watts.

  • 5
    XIEGU G90

    Posted by Izmeth on 2023 Jun 10th

    I couldn't have been more pleased with the Xeigu G90 which I purchased with the intent of getting back into HAM radio and setting up a QRP rig. Initially, I found myself weighing the option of purchasing an ICOM 718, a great base station in its own right. However, the benefits of an SDR tipped my decision in favor of the G90. The build quality is excellent and is almost entirely of metal. The knobs and controls are multi function and are constructed of a high quality rubber or plastic with a quality tactile feel to them. The display includes both a spectrum and a waterfall display which are very readable albeit quite small. That said, the overall weight and footprint make it ideal as a mobile base station. Among the other incentives that steered me towards this unit was the high quality on board antenna tuner which was very easy to use. In my limited time operating the G90, I found the tuner to be spot on and an absolute delight to use, making it one of the highlights of the G90. Despite the small form factor of the unit, the speaker is quite loud, once again, making it great for working in the field. The G90 can be used in digital mode but as it does not include an on board sound card, it would require an external interface such as the DE19. The one minor drawback to setting up digital modes using the DE19 interface is that one has to construct a "Y" audio cable, which in my opinion, should have been included with the DE19. I am hoping that they will consider including this in the future. Overall my experience with this unit and DXCANADA has thus far been very favorable, such that I decided to purchase the accompanying XPA125B 100 Watt Amp.

  • 5
    G90 qrp radio

    Posted by Victor Loewen on 2023 Jun 1st

    Fast and great Service from DXCANADA. Arrive well packaged. and First powered up connected to vertical antenna, logged 10 dx countries with 20 watts or less.

  • 5
    Xiegu G90

    Posted by Jeff Betts on 2023 Apr 1st

    I've had the radio about 3 weeks now and I have to say it's impressive. Everything I expected a good quality radio to be and do it exceeds. It's very good at pulling weak signals out of the noise and strong signals have a quality sound to them. Pretty amazing. I ordered it from DXCanada on a Friday and had it by Tuesday in Fredericton, New Brunswick. I threw together a makeshift antenna, random wire with a 9:1 balun sloping up into a tree and was picking up the world. North and South America, Europe and Africa. My first contact took me by surprise, I answered a CQ and had a nice conversation with a man in Atlanta Georgia. Afterward I realized I had the power set for only 10 watts and the antenna was not tuned, SWR 1.7 on 20 meters. Good support from DXCanada and a good on line community of hundreds of users with many years of experience with the G90. Have a look on Facebook for the Xiegu G90 group and you'll see what I mean. I highly recommend the G90 and would answer any questions that come my way.

  • 5
    OK by me

    Posted by Devin VA3FOJ on 2022 Sep 23rd

    i've had this radio for over a year now and i've put it through its paces. i've used it base/mobile/portable. i've put it in a back pack and hiked up mountains, through swamps, through the snow. in the hot and in the cold. i've fallen on it (inside the backpack) a few times, and even dropped the radio head in the snow once. she still works like the day i bought it. the only issue i've ever had with it is today i had to replace the potentiometer for the frequency dial. it started going haywire- would jump around unpredictably while trying to scroll in either direction. it was this repair that motivated me to write this review. after i repaired it, i thought on it for a sec and said to my self "you know, with all the abuse i've put this thing through, im lucky to only have had to replace one pot". im not a huge fan of 'made in china' quality, but in this case, this little-radio-that-could fully deserves the 5 stars im giving it.

  • 5
    G90 review

    Posted by Jamieson Dove on 2022 Jun 22nd

    Before purchasing, I did some research on this product. Nothing but good things in the reviews. Once I started to use the G90, it was better than expected. This is my first HF radio so its great for beginners. The built in auto tuner tuned my speaker wire antenna enough to get my first QSOs.

  • 5
    Great SDR HF Radio

    Posted by Jean Viger on 2022 Jun 4th

    First i want to thank DXCANADA for the fast and prompt service. I love this SDR HF radio, it is smaller than regular HF rigs, lite weight and very well made with a strong metal body. This radio has all the bells and whistles of the more expensive radios. It has a built in 10:1 antenna tuner, it has an antenna analyzer, it has FTT frequency spectrum waterfall for fast signal finding. Built in speaker and a great microphone with digital selection key pad. If you are new to HAM radio and you do not want to spend a fortune this is by far the radio to get. I highly recommend this product and this supplier!!!

  • 5
    XIEGU G90

    Posted by Paul Webb on 2022 Apr 10th

    Wonderful little radio. Delays on my part but finally got it up and running and super easy to use with just occasional lookups in the manual.

  • 5
    Xiegu G90

    Posted by Tim on 2022 Apr 5th

    Love it! The tuner will literally match anything you attach to it!