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AnyTone AT-D878UV II PLUS Bluetooth APRS

New model 878UVII PLUS has new APRS features and double the internal memory of 2GB! It will hold up to 500,000 digital contacts!

The new Anytone AT-D878UV II Plus is a dual-band 144 / 430Mhz (VHF and UHF) , analog FM and digital DMR walkie-talkie, Tier I & II, Motorbro and Hytera compatible, TDMA (2 TimeSlot), with VFO function , Bluetooth, GPS with APRS FM and DMR, Roaming / Roaming function, 3100mAh long battery life and Bluetooth.

Difference between version I and II: New PCB, internal memory of 2GB instead of 1GB, 500,000 contacts instead of 200,000, display function when receiving APRS info in FM , codeplug and firmware specific to version II.


2 Timeslot, TDMA, MOTOTRBO Tier I & II compatible
Power: 5-6W / 2.5W / 0.5W
RX and TX frequency (amateur radio bands): 144-146 Mhz and 430-440 MHz
Auto-detection digital or analog mode
4,000 channels, 10,000 talkgroups, 500,000 contacts
Internal memory: 2GB

VFO button function to change frequencies
RX and TX APRS function in FM or DMR
TFT color LCD display, dual display, dual standby
Bandwidth: 12.5K / 25K (analog); 12.5K (DMR)
Frequency step: 5Khz, 6.25Khz, 10khz, 12.5Khz, 20K, 25K, 30K, 50K
CTCSS / DCS encoding and decoding
Up to 5 different DMR IDs
Indicator icon or voice prompt when connecting with a relay
Roaming / Roaming function (selection of a relay accessible from a predefined list)
Encryption function (scrambler)
SMS function via keypad
Recording function
GPS function
ANI function, PTT ID, VOX
SMA male antenna connector
Emergency alarm (with GPS data transmission)
2-pin KENWOOD type microphone / headphone jack
Antenna connector: SMA Male (Antenna compatible in SMA female)
Waterproof: IP54
Battery: 3100mAh battery
CE and FCC certified

*Please Note: We do not offer any software support, cpu, firmware or codeplug questions. Any temporary software/firmware issues are not under waranty and will be resolved with future firmware updates. Please refer to Facebook AnyTone support groups for help with troubleshooting and programming codeplug support.


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1 Year manufacture AnyTone warranty, customer pays the shipping cost.

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  • 5
    Anytone D878UV 2 plus

    Posted by Terry Thompson on 2022 Dec 5th

    Awesome little radio, tons of features and fairly straightforward to program once you get the software put on a PC or laptop. Dx Canada was professional and knowledgeable. Wasn't to impressed with the flat rate shipping costs, I opted to pick up my order and saved shipping. Probably wouldn't buy asesories as many are available on Amazon with free shipping and easy returns.

  • 5
    AT-878uvll plus

    Posted by JOHN SNELGROVE on 2022 Nov 10th

    Comes well recommended by more experienced HAMs. Takes some getting used to programing and 'surfing'. Great RX/TX. Excellent battery life. Also purchased remote microphone. Neither has 'best' audio but good signal and audio reports. Still learning DMR. Handy size. Good simplex and repeater contacts in house, line of sight and in vehicle, with supplied 'rubber duckie or 1/4 wave mag-mount (adapter from Amazon is inexpensive).

  • 5
    AT-D878UV II Plus

    Posted by RJ Spitz on 2022 Aug 24th

    Received reasonably fast. Radio is a treat to use. This being my first DMR radio it had a bit of a learning curve. Even the Analog side of it is incredible. This is replacing my Kenwood F6a and it is as good if not better than the Kenwood.

  • 5
    Product Review

    Posted by Samuel Gill on 2022 Jun 17th

    A good product, wellnpacked and reached safely with all accessories. Bit it's not easy product to be used by first timbers, new Hams. I strongly suggest new hams to talk and discuss with local groups and buy where support is available. This seller doesn't offer any support and it's clearly mentioned on this website.- Any Tone is good manufacturer bit these are complicated machinery which needs advance knowledge. Certainly not easy to program and use.

  • 5
    5 *

    Posted by Roger S. on 2022 May 31st

    Super happy with my Anytone 878II Plus!! Work great, clear comm and easy to use. Très satisfait de mon achat, super produit, fonctionne bien, communication claire et facile à utiliser.

  • 3
    Great Hardware but…

    Posted by Stephen on 2022 Mar 28th

    I found the hardware of the radio to have a solid and quality feel. The stock rubber duckie antenna seems to be of higher quality than those of other brands. The only thing I found a bit cumbersome was the programming software. It’s a bit bulky, and how the DMR channels need to be programmed just seems a bit much (but I have not used other DMR radios). Coming from a UV5R, it just seems like a lot of work to get channels programmed and saved. Once it’s set up, and after a bit of a learning curve, it’s a solid product! The radio with a mobile antenna attached to my semi on high power gets me great range.

  • 4
    Anytone AT-D878UV II DMR

    Posted by George West on 2022 Feb 23rd

    I have been a licensed ham for almost 42 years, and this is my first DMR radio. I had to watch many YouTube videos to learn how to create a “.RDT” file called a “Code plug” which is just a collection of Microsoft Excel files “.CSV” files. The radio is very nice, better than I expected. It is weighty and feels substantial, buttons have good feedback. The plastic looks and feels of good quality. I am surprised the radio has a IP54 rating, as mine does not have any type of seal around the battery. My biggest complaint is the digital volume control, the lowest setting is not low enough if sitting in the house with the radio on. Lots of people have complained about this issue. You will definitely want to get a hotspot to take full advantage of all the radio's features. Expect a learning curve, but isn't that what radio is all about. 73.

  • 5
    Nice Radio

    Posted by PHT - VA3YR on 2022 Feb 12th

    Nice radio, great audio. CPS is better than most generic Chinese radio software. Works great with my hotspot and local repeaters.

  • 5
    Anytone AT-D878UV II Plus

    Posted by Ken on 2021 Nov 4th

    Locals speak highly of this radio. I concur. DMR radios are a bit difficult to program. The CPS to support this product make it much easier to program.