Balun 1:1 2000W (50ohm) HF for 160m - 10m Bands (1 - 30MHz) Water Sealed UV Resistant Case


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True IRON-CORE Ferrite Balun 1:1 2000W (50ohm) HF for 160m - 10m Bands

(1 - 30MHz) This Barron's current mode Balun is Waterproof sealed tide with UV resistant case

Barron's current mode, using imported 50 - three teflon shielding feeder and large circular 63 silver plated x38x14mm, shell is UV resistant resin (estimated outdoor use 10 years no problem) with joint waterproof function, (when the transmitted power 2 kw, high-frequency voltage up to 900 v, 100 w high-frequency voltage when there are about 200 v, assume joint into the water, under the action of 900 v voltage, water electrolysis happens, oxidative coupling, smoking, poor contact directly influence the standing wave)



Bearing power: SSB<2000W

Digital, the CW < 1000 w

AM, FM, SFK < 500 w

Frequency range: 1~30mhz

Standing wave: 1.03 (1mhz), 1.22 (30mhz)

1 Year manufacture warranty, customer pays the shipping cost.