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DX-04 Antenna 7MHz/14MHz/21MHz/28MHz 50W-100W HF Shortwave Outdoor GP Portable Telescopic Antenna QRP For Ham Radio G90 IC-705 X5105


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DX-04 is 7MHz/14MHz/21MHz/28MHz 50W-100W HF Shortwave Outdoor GP Portable Telescopic Antenna QRP For Ham Radio G90 IC-705 X5105

QRP Antenna with coils for 7MHz/14MHz/21MHz/28MHz great for IC-705, G90, X6100 and many other QRP Radios




You can use this antenna as portable, base statation, balcony or window mount. Few hams also sucessfully installed this atenna for mobile operation. Grounding is need it, please take a look at the pictures from our product gallery.

Type: shortened sensing GP antenna

Frequency: 7MHz, 14mhz, 21mhz, 28MHz

(single matching coil, one sensing coil for each wave band)

Color: black kits and color kits

(color kits: 28MHz yellow, 21mhz green, 14mhz red, 7MHz blue)

Withstand power: 7MHz 50 watts, 14mhz and 21mhz 28MHz 100 watts

Coil and vibrator interface size: M6


Packing list:

one base, one 7MHz, 14mhz, 21mhz, 28MHz coil, one pull rod antenna, one 4-16 and one 4-10 terminal block (used for making grounding network cable or vehicle body grounding

Packing box size: 180*110*30mm

Total length: with a 7MHz coil, the total length is about 1.4 meters

Weight: 320 grams


How to use :

1.Connect the base wiring ring with the pull rod

2: When using the pull rod, pull it out completely, and shorten the pull rod appropriately according to the talent data;

3: For portable field use, it is recommended to connect 1-3 grounding grids with a length of 3 meters (1.5 or 2.5 square wires can be used, and 3 wires are required when using 7MHz);

4: When used on the vehicle, it needs to be grounded with the vehicle body. It is recommended to use copper braided tape of 4 square meters or more;

5: The grounding grid must be used, because the GP antenna grounding grid is also an integral part, and the shortened GP antenna grounding grid is more sensitive,

6: It is recommended to cooperate with instruments such as talent to master antenna parameters


Installation method

This antenna can be erected in a variety of ways. The so239 base can be installed on the suction cup and card edge for use. No matter which way of erection, it needs to use the ground grid.






*PLEASE NOTE: Mount is not included and it is sold separately.

1 Year manufacture warranty, customer pays the shipping cost.