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Rotatable 730V-JUNIOR HF V-Dipole 4 Bands 7,14,21,28 1000w PEP


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Positive V Rotatable 730V-JUNIOR HF Dipole Base Antenna 1kW PEP (1000w) on SSB

Rotatable 730V-Junior Dipole Shortwave Antenna V Positive 4 Bands 7M-14M-21M-28M/29M High Efficiency Low Noise, 1:1 Balun is Included

Perfect dipole for a big city lifestyle, Any small area roof or a mast deployment  for temporary operation. 


Positive V works very well for DXing SSB or any digital modes like FT8. It handles up to 1000w PEP on SSB and up to 500w on CW or RTTY mode, which is perfect for most amplifiers.

Quality of materials is outstanding, from aircraft aluminium to stainless-steel components. This is top quality build...

Rotatable Dipole 730V-Junior with KB2 1:1 balun is a very good V antenna. 4 bands: 7M, 14M, 21M, 28M/29M, while debugging-free. This antenna is a high-efficiency antenna. It is produced by advanced data production technology from abroad and is very popular among users. It can meet the needs of DX. The length of the antenna is 9.7 meters/half, the net weight is 5.8 kg, the installation is simple, the holes are aligned, and you can put it up easily. The 5-band is free of debugging and works at the same time. The standing wave is less than 1.5, no need to use antenna tuner. Recommended installation height is 3-12 meters high, everyone likes 6 meters high, the height of an ordinary galvanized water pipe, the diameter of the galvanized water pipe is recommended to be 50-60 mm. 730V-Junior mounting plate is made of stainless steel. This dipole will handle most of the amps due to its high power handling of 1000w PEP!
Designed by Hams for hams... 
30 Days full replacement, 1 Year manufacture warranty, customer pays the shipping cost.