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Dipole 20m monobander, 35 feet coleman wire, high efficiency, 2000w pep


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WEB-20-H made by Black Widow Antennas, Dipole for 20m monobander, no lossy traps,  Rated 1000w CW or 2000w SSB. Made in Canada with toughest materials available, designed with such a high wattage not for power in mind but to provide the most antenna efficiency and minimize RF losses.

Canadian made dipoles made by hams using Coleman marine / automotive grade multi-strand wire. Designed for north America hursh weather conditions. This model is a monobander and tuned and ready to go for 20m band. Length is about 35+ feet, tuned for lower portion of 14mhz for CW guys, by shortening the wire you can bring the resonance to phone portion. Great for portable operation or base station setup.


Word from the BW Antenna boys!

1: NO crimping! All connections and wire terminals are well soldered with corrosive resistant solder.

2: O-Ring Wire terminals are made out of copper and tinted to prevent oxidation

3: NO more zipties! Replaced with Stainless Steel wire clips, easy to make adjustments.

4: Heavy duty UltraFlex PVC Marine rating Colman multi-strand copper wire 14awg! It has all North American rating ROHS, ISO-9001 etc. Made for hursh North America conditions it wont brake even at -60c, resistant to UV and up to +80c tempratures. Top notch cable sold in America made for America not like some DX UK made hobby connect cable, without any certifications and no ROHS rating.

5: Balun rated up to 1000w plus CW and it will withstand up to 2000w SSB. Not built for power rating but for RF efficiency in mind but it will take any abuse you throw at it. So go crazy with your amps if you wish.

6: Heatshrinks are included for your terminals, once you done adjusting the antenna just apply some heat to your heatshrink covers and you good to go.

7: All hardware is stainless steel, you won't see any rust anywhere.



Model : #14 awg wire (Coleman multi-strand true copper wire) rated to -65c, with the best flexibility PVC coating resistand to UV rays and hursh North American weather conditions. 

Frequency band : 14mhz
Bandwith: (20m) is 100khz

Power rating : 1000w continuous power rating or SBB 2000w.
Balun: Designed for 2000w PEP power handling to provide the best RF efficiency possible and minimze losses to none.

Connector : so-239 installed

Weight : 1800g

Length : 35+ feet
Hardware: Stainless Steel
WARRANTY: LifeTime warranty on all Black Widow Antennas
LifeTime warranty, customer pays the shipping cost.